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Silver Premium Heavy-Duty Tarps

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10 mil - 14x14 Cross Weave Silver heavy duty poly tarps are the best heavy duty Poly Tarps our website carries along with the Brown/Silver. These two are identical quality. The polyethylene material has a 14x14 weave for the best wear and weather protection. This silver heavy duty poly tarp is ideal for a long term, strong outdoor cover. Ultra Violet (UV) resistant protects from mildew, rot, tears, and acid, its' water proof, and for colder climates the tarp also has arctic flexibility..

Generally, silver heavy duty tarps are used in construction but can be used for all outdoor applications in which the tarp is exposed to severe weather conditions. This is abetter choice than the Blue Tarp that is often in roofing. The silver heavy duty poly tarp can be used to cover boats, RVs, wood piles, hay, and baseball fields, as well as landscaping.

All tarps has eyelets every 18-24 inches, also corner reinforced, plus rope reinforcement in the hem. .Tarp sizes indicated are cut sizes, approx 6"less in with and length than stated size.

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