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Bunches of bungee straps

Pick a strap, any strap. It takes different sizes for different needs, so we carry a variety of lengths of bungee straps so that you have a selection to choose from. Whether you're covering a large piece of equipment and need to tether your tarp or you're using a tarp as a canopy, you'll need to find a way to secure it, providing the optimum protection. You can purchase a bungee strap individually, or buy several depending on how many you need. We sell them in bulk in the event you need more, or keep some on hand whenever you need to tie something down.

When you need a bungee strap

A bungee cord offers a temporary, strong option for securing your belongings, protecting property and for keeping a small tarp in place when using it as a canopy or other protective shield against the elements. Our durable bungee straps are ideal for securing a boat tarp to protect the interior of your boat while towing or in storage. When used correctly, these cords are ideal options for covering a boat or other vehicle when towed behind another vehicle at highway speeds.

Used in conjunction with one of our heavy duty poly tarps, a bungee strap provides protection from wind, rain, snow and sun. You'll preserve the seat covers on your boat as well as the dash and upholstery in your cars. Use bungee cords to create a canopy over a patio, tie a tarp to a frame when you're enjoying a vacation at the beach or camping by the lake, or cover the contents in the bed of your truck and rest assured that as you're driving down the road, you're hanging on to your load in the back!

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