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White Heavy-Duty Tarps

Please scroll down to see all of our sizes! only sells top quality White Heavy-Duty Tarps. These 8 mil - 12x12 Cross Weave tarps are constructed from 100% woven & coated polyethylene (high density polyethylene woven scrim coated with low density polyethylene) with a 12x12 weave. All four edges are heat-sealed and reinforced with PE rope in hem. These protective covers also have rust proof aluminum grommets every 18 inches, including grommets on each corner. Every corner is reinforced with a solid bar for added strength and durability. They are UV protected, mildew proof, tear resistant, water proof, acid proof, and rot proof for longer life.

* * * Tarp sizes indicated are cut sizes. The actual finished size is slightly shorter than cut size. After hem & heat-sealing the tarps are approximately 4-6 inches less in with and length than stated size.* * *

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