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When you browse through Wholesale Tarp, looking for the right material to cover your investment, you encounter several colors of poly tarps. From red and orange to camouflage to white and silver, a large range of shades are available, but are each equally effective? All medium- and heavy-duty poly tarps are treated to be waterproof, UV resistant, mildew resistant, and rot proof. When protecting an object, a polyethylene tarp blocks out the sunlight and water and prevents moisture from becoming trapped underneath.

Some colors, however, may be better for your use. If your poly tarps are used primarily for camping, go with a shade, such as green, brown, or camouflage, that blends into foliage well. For the opposite effect, a high-visibility color, such as yellow, red, or orange, makes the material stand out. White, silver, and black are some of the more common colors for tarps. Black, however, absorbs heat, while white and silver reflect it.

Made from three-ply polyethylene, white tarps are ideal for long-term outdoor applications in which heat should be reflected off the material or shelter. If a vehicle or investment, such as a boat or RV, is being kept outdoors for several months at a time, use a white tarp and secure it around the vehicle. When left outdoors for an extended period of time, the vehicle is less likely to overheat when protected by a white tarp.

These poly tarps are often used on their own but are frequently part of outdoor canopies, such as carports and portable garages. No matter if a valance or enclosed style is used, the canopy has a steel frame and white poly tarps on top and, in some cases, on all sides. The powder-coated or galvanized steel frame holds up to high winds and heavy snow, and the white tarps, in addition to reflecting heat, keep out UV rays and water that would otherwise damage the investment inside.