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Waterproof canvas tarps are made from special 100-percent cotton with a paraffin water resistant treatment. This paraffin water treatment is the same type of treatment that is used by the United States Military to make their water resistant uniforms, back packs and other essential pieces of clothing. Canvas tarps are ideal for keeping cords of wood dry, protecting expensive and delicate pieces of construction equipment from a sudden downpour and placing over recently painted walls.

According to many reports, paraffin comes either from distilled petroleum or is mined from wood, coal or oil shale. Solid paraffin wax is useful in making candles, sealing canning jars and as a water-harvesting soil treatment. When used with heat from an iron, paraffin is effective in adding a waterproof coating to canvas, tarp and other fabrics. Over the years, manufacturers have perfected the extraction and application of paraffin so that it can effectively provide a safe waterproof coating to a number of different fabrics.

Waterproof canvas tarps are ideal for managers of active construction sites. These types of mildew and rot resistant tarps can be used to protect machinery that is not being used, they can be used to cover exposed parts of a structure and they can be used to cover temporary holes in roofs. A simple investment in several canvas tarps can go a long way in protecting an investment in tools, people and building sites.

For the home improvement mavens, a waterproof canvas tarp is something that will prove to be helpful in a number of different ways. They can be placed over carpet as a ceiling gets painted or they can be used to cover a seasonally used vehicle. Canvas tarps are also nice to have in the aftermaths of a hurricane.