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Outdoors, some items require protection from moisture, be it a woodpile you want to keep dry, a car or motorcycle, or a project that cannot be disturbed. Water-resistant or waterproof canvas tarps are a solution. One of the more durable options out of our selection, canvas tarps bring together the strength of military cotton and are treated to withstand water. The result is a protective material apt for a variety of applications around the home.

Available in standard and custom sizes, a waterproof canvas tarps is essentially a natural material. All sheets are 100-percent military cotton, a natural fiber, and then are treated with paraffin, a water-resistant material. As a result, these canvas tarps offer two-fold protection regarding water. The cotton, a breathable material, allows moisture to escape; yet, the material is not so permeable that water easily passes through. Additionally, waterproof canvas tarps allow heat to escape and guard against mildew buildup.

Around the home and in commercial environments, canvas tarps have a variety of applications. On a general level, the strong cotton is ideal for occasional protection of cars, other vehicles, woodpiles, and items or projects outdoors over an extended period of time. As you suspect rain or dew will accumulate on your investment, throw a canvas tarp over and secure it down.

Home improvement projects additionally benefit from canvas tarps. Plastic or polyethylene tends to create a slip hazard, while canvas offers better traction. As you prepare for a painting project, adding wallpaper, or any project generating dirt or fine debris, add a canvas tarp over your furniture and other items around the home. The durable canvas additionally absorbs drops of paint and allows for ease of clean up.

For a long-lasting material that improves storage, protection, and projects, go with a canvas tarp. Through Wholesale Tarp, choose from multiple colors and sizes.