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Trailer tarps can be used to secure a payload in the back of a pick truck. A trailer tarp will keep the load dry while also keeping pieces of the load from falling out of the back of the truck and injuring a passing motorist. When a rock or other piece of debris falls of the back of a truck, then the trucking company and the driver of the vehicle can face both civil and criminal liabilities for the injuries suffered by an injured motorist.

Trailer tarps also make for ideal covers to protect trailers from rain, sleet and snow. Whether it is a recreational vehicle trailer, a boat trailer or any other sort of trailer, there is tarp that will protect it from moisture, mold and rust. A large poly tarp that is properly fastened around the payload of a trailer will ensure that the trailer is going to be kept high and dry. Trailer tarps can also be used to line the bed of truck that is carrying a load of construction debris, residential waste or any load that contains sharp objects. A 16'x16' 18oz Vinyl Heavy Duty Steel tarp with 2 rows of D-rings is an ideal tarp for dump truck owners, construction company managers and even home owners. These special tarps are made with 100 percent polyester woven fabric with PVC coated sheen on each side; the Lumber Tarps have 3 rows of D-rings and the steel tarps have 2 rows of D-rings. The seams are heat sealed, and the material is cold weather resistant. sells a wide range of tarps that can be used in the aforementioned fashion. A weather resistant, high quality tarp is a wise investment for anyone who is in the business of transporting material in a dump truck.