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One of the more common colors for outdoor tarps, silver deflects light and prevents the polyethylene material from absorbing heat. Silver tarps, as a result, are used often on their own or as part of a canopy shelter. Made out of heavy-duty polyethylene, silver tarps are ideal for long-term outdoor storage of any type of investment and are often used as the covering portion of a portable shelter or canopy.

Consisting of three polyethylene sheets in silver and black, these tarps are treated to be waterproof, UV resistant, mildew resistant, and rot proof. This combination of properties allows a tarp, on its own or as part of a structure, to block out moisture and prevent UV damage. Left outside, a vehicle is vulnerable to both of these aspects, and consistent UV and water exposure shorten the lifespan of the investment.

Because silver tarps absorb less heat, the material is typically used for outdoor shelters and covers. For personal uses, tarps can cover a car, boat, or RV and, once secured, protect the vehicle for several months. Keeping a shelter from heating up is an asset of silver tarps, and many portable garages and carports use this material. In a valance or enclosed style, the heavy-duty polyethylene keeps out the elements, and the powder-coated or galvanized steel frame holds up to all weather conditions.

Although 12x20 heavy-duty silver tarps may be ideal for personal uses, larger sizes are needed for commercial purposes. From protecting a truck load to lining a construction site, large silver tarps are ideal for commercial instances. The material, once attached over the bed of a truck, keeps moisture away from asphalt and wood. When draped over the side of a building, a large sheet of polyethylene keeps heat in, creating a warmer area for workers. On the same site, the material may also be used to line a fence to contain debris and dust.