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Orange Tarp

Sometimes, such as in construction or road work, visibility is a must and blending in can be hazardous to a work area. Camouflage may be good for hunting and paintball but definitely not construction. An orange poly tarp is known as a safety tarp because of its high visibility color. For outdoor work with needed visibility, an orange or yellow tarp is most ideal.

Our orange poly tarps have a 10x8 weave and thickness of 8mil. Unlike most tarps, safety high visibility orange tarps are laminated on both sides for additional UV protection. Aside from use in construction, these types of tarps can be used outdoors for fairs or farmers markets.

All tarps has eyelets every 18-24 inches, also corner reinforced, plus rope reinforcement in the hem. .Tarp sizes indicated are cut sizes, approx 6"less in with and length than stated size.

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