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Heavy duty canvas tarps are the ideal gift for the home improvement lover. These types of tarps are perfect for protecting hardwood floors from paint drips or spills, they can be used to cover piles of firewood, and these types of tarps can also be used to cover sections of a house that are undergoing minor renovations.

In terms of an emergency, a canvas tarp can be very useful. If part of a roof gets damaged by a storm, one of these tarps can be deployed to cover the hole and protect the rest of the house from further storm damage. Canvas tarps are water repellent, so that melting snow, rain water, and other types of moisture rolls off these tarps. Additionally, in order to prolong the life of a heavy duty canvas tarp, they can be treated with Kanvak. The proper use of this chemical will restore or enhance the water resistant nature of the heavy duty canvas tarp.

Canvas tarps are perfect for protecting the lining of pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. When you are making a run to the local landfill or recycling center, by placing a tarp over the bed of the vehicle, it will be protected from sharp objects, leaky garbage bags, and anything else that might damage the lining.

Additionally, a heavy duty canvas tarp can also be used to cover a boat or seasonally used vehicle. In the short term, covering a boat or vintage car with a super clean heavy duty canvas tarp might be cheaper than renting space in a storage facility.

Heavy duty canvas tarps are items that everyone should have in their households; as a general rule, they are one of those items that everyone wished they had once they meet dire circumstances.