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Poly tarps.
Made of polyethylene poly tarps are the least expensive form of tarps. Pros are: waterproof, Least expensive, UV protected, temperature does not effect the performance. Cons: Not as durable or strong as Vinyl tarps or Canvas tarps and the sun will dry them out fairly quickly compared to canvas tarps.
Canvas tarps
These tarps are best used as equipment covers, camping fly's and for all uses where longer tarp durability is desired. Pros are: environmentally friendly, water resistant, treatable with "e;Kanvac"e; over and over, higher resistance to tearing and breathable. Cons: more expensive than poly tarps and not water proof if water is allowed to pool on it for longer time periods.
Vinyl Tarps.
These are the strongest tarps on the market, generally used as truck tarps and gym floor and athletic field covers. Very strong and long service life, longer even than canvas tarps. Pros: longest service life of all tarps, UV protected, high tear and abrasion resistance, water proof. Cons: very expensive and very heavy

Q: what is the difference between cut size and finished size?
A: finished size is generaly 2-3% or 6"e; less than the raw cut size of the tarp. The material is used up in the process of hemming or edge formation.

Q: I need a size that I don't see listed. Can I order it
A: if it is a Canvas tarps yes. Please call us at 1-888-900-tarp for a quote

Q:how long does it take for you to deliver?
A:We will ship all orders within one business day, typically the same day though. Special size orders may take up to 10 day for Canvas tarps, as we have to make those in our factory in North Carolina.

Q: are your tarps flame retardant or fire proof?
A: we do not make such claims for legal reasons however most tarps that are made of plastic can not be. Think about it, they melt! anyone who claims such thing is asking for trouble. Canvas tars are naturally flame retardant because they are made of cotton, however we do not recommend using any of our tarps around any heat source

Q:Do you have quantity discounts?
A: Of course we do and it all depends on how big your orders is and where do we have to ship it. Please call us at 1-888-900-TARP (8277) for your discount

Q:what is a Mil?
A: one mil = 0.001 of an inch (1- 1000th) or 0.0254 mm. So a 12 mill tarp is a good thick tarp and 6 mill tarps are usually the inexpensive blue tarps. More mils the better!

Q: Is there a guarantee or warranty on tarps?
A: No. Tarps are as good as the people who use them and last as long as they are treated well and set up properly. We can not control what happens to our tarps after they leave our warehouse, so there is no guarantee after the packaging has been opened.

Q: how come all tarps are slightly different size?
A: like all fabrics tarps are living and breathing materials. They shrink, stretch and bow during use and even during the manufacturing process. While we strive to make them exactly to out specifications, the nature of tha materials is such that all tarps turn out to be slightly different size.