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In order to preserve an expensive baseball field, many teams use poly tarps. When a sudden rain storm hits, especially while there is a game in progress, a sturdy poly tarp can help prevent damage to the infield, the pitching mound and home plate. Excessive exposure to torrential rains can make the infield, the base paths and even the pitching mound uneven. A baseball field with an uneven infield can be rendered unplayable by an umpire.

Wholesale Tarp sells a wide assortment of discount tarps. We sell tarps for boats, cars, canvas tarps, mesh tarps, clear tarps and even discount tarps. In terms of tarps for baseball fields there are several options. A 100 by 100 foot tarp will cover a regulation sized baseball diamond. A tarp of that large size can also be used to protect the side building that is still under construction. Many times during a complex construction project, especially those that are done within the confines of a densely populated city like New York or Chicago, the cement floors of a building will be built yet the other sections still need to be protected from the wrath of Mother Nature. A large poly tarp can be hung so that the electrical, the plumbing, the carpentry and the construction workers will be kept free from moisture or hot rays of sun. Once moisture gets into recently installed fiber optic wires or DSL wiring, then they can suffer permanent damage.

Large poly tarps should on the top of everyone's emergency preparedness list. In the aftermath of hurricanes and other tropical storms, tarps become a highly valued asset. One of the first things to go in a hurricane is a poorly constructed roof. A large weather resistant poly tarp that is properly secured will protect homes with damaged roofs from further water damage.