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Canvas tarps have many different uses: they can be used to cover cords of wood, they can be used to cover floors while painting is being done, and they can also be used to cover antique or vintage cars. People who are avid campers like to use canvas tarps for protecting food supplies, camping gear, wood piles, and some even use the tarps as canopies.

Another segment of the population that makes great use of canvas tarps are the people in authority when it comes to emergency preparedness. In the aftermath of a violent tornado, a hurricane or a blizzard, canvas tarps are items that can be very helpful. Thick, well-built canvas tarps can protect partially damaged homes, business, and buildings from further storm damage. Since most canvas tarps are water resistant, they will safely protect a home with partial roof damage or securely protect the inventory of a business that might be vulnerable or protect the infrastructure of a partially-completed building. Directors of emergency preparedness at the local, state and federal level should all have ready access to hundreds of canvas tarps. If not, canvas tarps for sale are sold through our store. In relative terms, they are a cheap investment that will pay huge dividends in the aftermath of catastrophic building collapse, a terrorist attack like that of 9/11, a nasty storm, or any other occurrence in which items need to be protected.

Unlike plastic or poly tarps, canvas tarps can be treated with chemicals in order to prolong their shelf life. Although they may shrink a little after a while, canvas tarps can be treated with Kanvak. This particular chemical will improve or restore the water repellent capabilities of the tarp. Plastic and poly tarps are useful, but a properly treated and stored canvas tarp will last longer and do a better job of keeping things free from rot, mildew, and moisture.