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Boat tarps


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The most important aspect about choosing a boat tarp is the breathability of the material. If a tarp material does not allow for air circulation below the cover, mildew, mold, and bacteria can develop over the winter when the boat is in storage. Mildew and dry-rot can also result from a plastic or vinyl cover pulled too tightly over the boat. The most common materials for a boat tarp are 100% cotton canvas boat duck and poly tarps are widely used as well. We carry heavy duty boat tarps in poly with 12x12 weaving and 6oz. weight. The material has corner reinforcements and Ultra Violet (UV) protection and work best when secured with bungee cords.

The fabric most ideal for the breathability of a boat tarp is 100% cotton. The downside of a 100% cotton tarp is that the tarp will let moisture through if water is allowed to pool on it for a long time. A 100% cotton cover will last and work the best when a boat is stored under a carport for the winter, particularly if the boat is stored near water.

The most popular tarp fabric for a boat cover are the canvas tarps. The cotton allows for ventilation in the material and the fabric is the strongest material to withstand wind and ice, so that the boat will not need to be stored under a carport for the entire winter.

Aside from a tarp, protecting a boat during winter months or periods of no usage include making sure water does not accumulate on the cover. Water can put excessive strain on the tarp materials, as well as allow for organisms to accumulate. In the case of cotton, organisms in water can eat through the material, causing it not to last as long as it should. Canvas tarps can be re-treated periodically.