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Blue Poly Tarps

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The Blue Poly (All Weather–All Propose) Tarps are the most economical tarps offers. Because Blue Poly Tarps are so popular, we offer them in over 50 different sizes. Our Blue Poly Tarps are constructed from 100% woven & coated polyethylene (high density polyethylene woven scrim coated with low density polyethylene) with an 8x8 weave. These tarps have all four edges heat-sealed and polypropylene rope in the hem. They also have rust proof aluminum grommets every 3 feet, including grommets in the corners. In addition, our Blue Poly Tarps contain no recycled materials making them greater in strength, durability, which helps them last considerably longer.

* * * Tarp sizes indicated are cut sizes. The actual finished size is slightly shorter than cut size. After hem & heat-sealing the tarps are approximately 4-6 inches less in width and length than stated size.* * *

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