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101 uses for canopies, tarps

Small TarpsWhat it boils down to is protection. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to how you can use tarps and canopies around your home, business or on the road. Commonly used as canopies, tarps can shield you and your family from the sun on the beach or poolside, or they are a perfect cover for a picnic or family reunion where otherwise there would be no shelter.

Think big! A tarp 12x24 in size might be ideal for landscapers who are in the middle of a big job and need to protect their hard work from day to day. Cover a do-it-yourself construction job or protect materials at a larger construction site. Whatever your needs, we can help you find a tarp to meet them.

Small tarps, big value

Canopies TarpsMany times, the word "tarp" brings to mind a huge piece of material used industrially or commercially for various reasons. It's hard to picture that as something that you might use around your house, but that's exactly where small tarps can ideally be used. Perfect for covering up a lawn mower or even your patio furniture when it rains, a tarp 6' x 10' in size can quickly protect the things you don't want to get wet or exposed to other elements. Keep a poly tarp in the garage or your shed so that when that unexpected rainstorm appears, you can grab it and throw it over your machinery to prevent rust and other wear. Small tarps are also good for covering your firewood, shielding it from water and snow.

Beyond a large tarp, 6' x 10' and more

We are proud to offer as many colors and sizes of tarps as we can in an effort to meet the needs of our customers as comprehensively as possible. If you're looking for a tarp 6' x 10' in size if you need something larger, we're sure you can find it in our inventory. Sometimes a smaller tarp can do the job you thought you needed a large tarp for. As canopies, tarps cover a lot of area, so make sure you measure and determine whether or not you can use a smaller tarp.

You think you need a tarp 12x24

Measure, measure, measure! Whatever it is you need to cover, make sure you get your measurements before ordering. You may not need that tarp 12x24 in size, but something larger instead. Avoid a costly mistake!

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