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Plastic: tarps, what they're made of

Plastic Tarps

The time will come when you need to protect yourself, your family or your stuff. You could be taking a camping trip and require something to supplement coverage at the campgrounds, you might be a contractor who needs to protect a job or if you're a homeowner, you simply may need to cover your belongings that won't fit into your overstuffed garage. Whatever the reason, choosing the right tarp might seem like an overwhelming decision.

Typically made from a form of plastic, tarps should be durable enough for the job at hand and large enough for the coverage you need. Rather than just using a sheet of plastic, choose a strong polytuf tarp made from a material that will resist water, wear and tear, mildew and cold temperatures. This will ensure full protection for your items and these tarps tend to last longer than traditional sheets of plastic.

There are several forms of plastic that are used to construct tarps, including Polymax tarps, which ensure durability and long lasting qualities with heavy fabric and resistant properties for the elements.

Understanding Polymax tarps and more

Tackling the various types of tarps and canopies that are available can be a little overwhelming, which is why it is a good idea to know your materials before you start your search. When you've already determined the needs for your tarp, including size and weather-resistant properties, take the time to know what materials are on the market.

Polymax tarps are one of the highest quality tarps available, withstanding the elements and keeping the bad stuff out. Canvas tarps are also an alternative to using a tarp constructed from a form of plastic. Made from fabric, canvas tarps are wind-resistant, sturdy and are often used by painters as drop cloths and are usually seen in use as a canopy or awning. If it is the look you are going for, canvas tarps can offer a more tailored look when compared to plastic tarps.

It boils down to your needs and just what you are looking for in a tarp. Choose the one that is right for you and feel good about your purchase when you buy through us!

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