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Some tarps are designed for short-term and temporary uses, while others are designed for long-term protection. Heavy-duty tarps fall into this latter category. Such material, be it polyethylene, vinyl, or canvas, is used to protect investments outdoor for several months at a time or is used for strenuous tasks, such as covering a truck load. In all cases, the material has a high denier count and is treated to be UV resistant and waterproof.

Heavy-duty poly tarps are the most common on the market – and the most requested. Made from polyethylene, these heavy-duty tarps often have a 14 by 14 denier count and are treated to be UV resistant, waterproof, mildew resistant, and rot proof. In general, this material is used for various outdoor tasks. If a vehicle needs covering, for example, a heavy-duty polyethylene tarp is the material to choose. More specifically, one of these tarps is often used as the canopy portion of a portable garage or carport to keep the vehicle under protected from UV and moisture damage.

Although heavy-duty poly tarps are the most common and sought after, they’re not the strongest. When the highest level of protection is needed, vinyl is the material of choice. With a weight of 18 oz. and a 20 mil thickness, vinyl is used often as a truck or construction tarp because of its durability.

Heavy-duty canvas tarps also have several uses in which durability is necessary. While the material isn’t designed for long-term outdoor use, it can shroud and protect various investments indoors. Generally, heavy-duty canvas tarps, which are made from 100-percent cotton duck and treated with paraffin, are used as ground covers and drop cloths. The material, when draped over furniture and other investments, absorbs any splashed paint, stays in place, and is less likely to make workers slip on the job.