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Clear tarps aren’t a novelty item. Unlike clear colas in the early 1990s, clear tarps are often used for practical purposes. The color of the material for a tarp or canopy structure may be relevant in some situations, and green and brown tarps, for instance, are useful for camouflaging and appearing less conspicuous. Silver and white tarps, additionally, are less likely to overheat and will keep the interior of a canopy cooler than if, for example, a dark-colored material was used. But where do clear tarps fit into this?

In some instances, much like how a tarp protecting an object shouldn’t stand out, the material needs to be transparent but should have the same properties as an ordinary tarp. carries clear vinyl tarps, and as the strongest material available, these tarps can be used in instances in which long-term protection outdoors is needed.

Portable greenhouses have become popular recently, as the structures are affordable and easy to set up and offer a place to house plants in colder weather. The greenhouses are made from a galvanized steel frame, much like a carport or portable garage, and have a clear tarp on top and on the sides. The transparency of the material gives the shelter the appearance of a traditional greenhouse, and the properties of the tarp protect the plants inside.

Clear vinyl tarps, such as those sold through our store, can be used for various other heavy-duty uses. Clear plastic sheeting is a common sight on construction sites, and clear tarps are ideal for catching debris and keeping heat inside. For another large-scale use, clear tarps are used on trucks. The vinyl used keeps out moisture, which protects wood and asphalt in transport. Vinyl tarps, in general, are the strongest material available and, regardless of color, offer UV resistance and a waterproof surface.