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If you plan on spending any time this season hunting, fishing or camping consider the many uses for poly tarps in recreational out door settings. Poly tarps are ideal for the great out doors since most tarps are water resistant in addition to being resistant to mildew, rot, acid and tear. Such sturdy construction makes tarps useful for providing protection and cover from rain, wind and even harmful UV rays.

When out in the woods, traveling a stream or setting up camp having a durable, dependable poly tarp on hand can be invaluable. Lightweight and strong tarps roll up easy, store in small areas and can be unfurled and used to cover anything in minutes. Tarps make great tents, shelters for food stores and other supplies and even temporary storm shelters should the weather turn foul. Poly tarps come in a wide array of colors, many of which are perfect for camping either by providing high visibility for safety or a camouflage disguise for hunting.

Common safety colors include orange and yellow. Easily visible in rain, fog and even early evening these shades are great for marking camp sites and other important areas. For hunting and fishing choose a dark green, brown/tan or camouflage design for solid protection and natural concealing coloration.

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