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Thank you for visiting only carries the highest quality tarps and canvases. All of our superior tarps and canvases are 100% inspected by hand at our factories. In order to meet your every need, we carry products in many different materials of construction, colors, thicknesses, and ranges of durability. All of our tarps are water resistant, mildew resistant, tear resistant, acid resistant, and have arctic temperature flexibility. We have hundreds of sizes and color combinations of tarps in both polyethylene and canvas for your every need and ready to ship. Whether you need a small tarp to cover your lawn tracker for the winter or an extra-large tarp to cover your baseball field during bad weather, we can take care of all your needs. Our tarps offer great protection for you property. They are great for protecting small items such as a grill, motorcycle, or a car, to hay stacks, your 40 foot long recreational vehicle. Our tarps and canvases can also be used to camouflage and conceal your personal items and property from others. Our endless selection of light, medium, and heavy duty tarps and canvases give you the superior protection you need to take care of your property.

Please click below on our categories to view and select the tarp and canvas that will meet all your needs in protecting your property.

Tarps and canopies for all your needs

For any season and any job tough, sturdy, durable vinyl and canvas tarps are essential gear for storing, protecting and covering all kinds of stockpiles and equipment. You can't stop weather from changing but you can protect your valuables, fields and machinery with heavy duty, weight down tarps. We carry a terrific selection of commercial quality, strong tarps in 6, 8, 10 and 12 mil grades. Tarps also come in multiple weave counts for longer lasting durability, a variety of colors including safety orange and yellow for high visibility and a huge selection of sizes. We also carry complete sets of bungee cords for secure fastening and tie down.

Tarps can be used for any number of out door storage, protection or cover solutions for anything from feed stock piles to trucks. Tarps are industrial strength, water-resistant and durable covers for your valuables that can't be stored inside during seasonal extremes. Rain, wind, heat, snow, sun light and sleet are just a few of the elements that can cause irreparable damage to expensive farm equipment, boats, machinery and autos.

Tarps can also be used when camping, providing shelter from rain and acting as a canvas tent at night for sleeping. Tarps can be used to cover valuables and food which would make easy targets for wildlife so you can hike knowing your camp site is secure. Tarps roll up quick and easy and can be transported in the back of any truck bed, SUV or even wagon hatchback. Depending on your needs tarps come in a number of mil thickness grades for either a lightweight or heavy duty tarp.

Tarps are essential for playing fields to protect grass, baseball infields and painted logos in end zones and on soccer pitch sidelines. Usage, weather and time will take a toll on any field or natural playing surface but you can extend the life of grass and turf by covering with a solid tarp during spring rains and winter snow.

We have moved our articles about the tarps, the history of tarps and the different type of poly tarps to this new page. Please click on this link if you are interested to learn further about our product. The history, nature, different uses and types of tarps available. Here are some other useful: for the link to our articles click here please

New products and additions to our line - Canvas Tarps

Thank you for supporting us and buying our tarps! We have added 3 new categories of heavy duty and durable tarps to our selection.
Newest and the best is our 14x14 weave Brown-Silver tarps. They are the highest quality tarps available on the market today! We have also added the Green-Silver 12x12 weave heavy duty tarps and Canvas Tarps. The canvas tarp in particular is a very high quality 17 oz tarp! These are all purpose tarps that are useful for any kind of task home or at work, industrial applications or protecting your boat or RV.
Our Canvas tarps are the heaviest available in the market, and we also do made-to-order sizes. Lead times are typically 7-10 days for special order sizes. All canvas tarps that we special order are made here in the USA. Canvas tarps have a paraffin based finish and make the tarp rot , mildew and water resistant. A canvas tarp in general is more durable than a poly tarp, because canvas does not get dried out by the sun, and the cotton canvas fibers are stronger. Most canvas tarps sold today are 12 to 15 ounces in finished weight, our canvas tarp is much heavier than that.
Our Green-Silver tarps and Brown-Silver tarps are made to be reversible for aesthetic reasons, as well as for functional reasons.
We have now also organized our tarps in categories under Hay tarps, boat-tarps and RV tarps so you would not have to spend too much time hunting through the site to find the tarp that suits you best! Thanks for your continuous support and please do return when you are ready for your next tarp! Enjoy your new tarp!

We have added a few Items again to our line, this time truck tarps! These tarps are made of 18oz vinyl double coated fabric for excellent durability and weather resistance. The Lumber Tarps have 3 rows of D-rings and the Steel tarps we carry have 2 row of D-rings. Or Mesh truck tarps are supper duty tarps as well, 6.5 oz PE mesh, edge chain stitched, with binding all around the tarp material to protect the tarps from stress.Best of all they have solid brass grommets of #4 size every 2 feet and on all 4 corners of the tarp. Corners are also reinforced with triangular patches of solid PE sheet material! These truck tarps are designed to last on the road! Uses for our truck tarps are for lumber and steel hauling as well as pickup trucks.

Below is a fun video on a novel use a big blue tarp we found on YouTube: